Saturday, August 10, 2013

REPORT: 2013-08AUG-10 Four sweats and two bad ones, but i remember the last one ...

2100 -- turn in early full day tomorrow
2200 -- first of four sweats. didn't record the times. just the tshirts.
0100 -- night terror; not memorable; deep breathing back to sleep
0400 -- bad night terror. that was it for sleeping. remember it.

Walking along a seaside boardwalk, thinking what a beautiful sunny but not hot day. Gentle sea breeze from the Ocean. Partly cloudy but cotton puffs on a majestic blue sky. Then an old "young lady" walks past me. Svelte, sexy, and slightly sweaty. Power walking and attired for it. She stops and looks back at me smiling. "John" she says. "Yes?" I relied questioningly but smiling back. Will this be my lucky day?

"I can't believe you don't remember me!"

"Oh, I am so sorry. I wish I did. But I apologize I really don't. And you're so beautiful, I'm sure I should remember you." I blurted out nervously.

"Oh you're so sweet to say that. You always were sweet. You're probably seeing me as I was in my younger days."

"So, when was this? 50's, 60's, 70's ... ... Later?"


"Wow, I don't remember that. Where did we go?"

"Oh, I forget, those days were a whirlwind with my collecting -- Cody, Cos Cob, Cape Cod?"

"None of those ring a bell. I wasn't to Cape Cod until the late 70's. Those were my drinking heavily days. So did I treat you well?"

She took my arm. Strolling. Matching my doddering pace. Well doddering in comparison to her pwer walking. I looked over and she was truly old but beautiful. "Oh, yes, you were always the perfect gentlemen."

Looking back to the sea and thinking of all the my people who had passed. "That will make my Mom pleased. You know she passed many years ago."

"Oh, yes, I know, I collected and escourted her as well.

I was shocked and looked back at her to find the Angel of Death. In the black shroud with the oft-pictured scythe. Oh, I guess it's my time. "Good. i'm anxious to see the score of my life."

"That's an unusual reaction. One I've never had before!"

"OH, yes. It's like taking a exam in school thinking you really nailed it and wanting to see the actual results. I hope I pass this one."

With that the sun broke through the clouds and a beam shown down only on me. Blotting everything else.

I heard a sentorian voice: "I'm pleased with your answer. I have more work for you to do."

With that I awoke. Firmly convinced bever to forget to say my act of contrition before bedtime.

I couldn't go back to sleep. That old lady was so beautiful. Was I really that drunk to have a near miss and not know it?

That was terrorfying.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

REPORT: 2013-07JULY-20 Two bad ones, but one good one

Hit the sack at 2130 and woke up at 0800. 

THREE night terrors, two bathroom trips, change tshirt twice, woke up once for know reason thinking about work. 

Typical night. 

That's why I stopped writing about them.

But, had one dream that was too bad. Some how I wound up on stage with Taylor Swift, who was using me as a bench when she was playing a show. And I was staring at her ankles, legs, shoes, and tatoos. (As far as I know, she's not know to have any. But what do I know.)

After her set, she bent down and kissed me. It smelled like Cinnebon. (Is that sexual?)

No wonder my Mom and Dad were fruit cakes. 

That one didn't upset me at all. Except that it ended.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

REPORT: 2013-05MAY-18 multiple "interesting" night

No wonder my parents were loons.

Last night, I had a few firsts -- a terror without a sweat, a sweat without a terror, and mutliple successive terrors.

(1) Car was stolen and I couldn't remember my plate number to tell the police. Impossible, if I was to forget, I'm so anal I have it in multiple places. In the "old days" I even had it on the key itself. (Argh!) That's why there are so baffling. They are not just the brain collecting garbage. Since it's actually a creation of "new" stuff. No accompanying sweat, but it was a Grade Two terror that cause be difficulty going back to sleep, but ws able to go back to sleep quickly without music.

(2) A typical Grade One (i.e., back to sleep easly) terror that I couldn't remember the topic with a light sweat.

(3) A sexual Grade One with no sweat.

(4) A typical Grade Two terror that I couldn't remember the topicwith a light sweat.

So here I have FOUR in one night. I've never had that before. Is this stuff getting worse?

I stayed in last night. Just was in a mood, so no beer. Interesting, does alcohol have some type of moderating effect on these things. May not eliminate but may suppress multiples?

And, is this actually multiple unrelated symptoms? Could the sweats be unrelated to the terrors? Are there different types of night terrors? Maybe I should investigate further with the witch doctors? Or trust what Ive been told that it's really "No Big Deal". Sure NBD to the doc cause it ain't happening to him!



Thursday, May 9, 2013

REPORT: 2013-05MAY-09 double

Again a very very bad night  

In at 2200, up at 2330 bad non-specific terror with medium sweat. So bad that I got up and watched Leno and an old TBBT. back to bed at 0130. 

Up at 0300, non-specific terror that drenched tshirt. Argh. 

Tossed and turned. 

Night sweat medium at 0530. 

Just a terrible night. 


Sunday, May 5, 2013

REPORT: 2013-05MAY-05 four terrors and two sweats

What an "entertaining" night?

At about 2 hour intervals.

light sweat and easy terror, another easy terror, anther easy terror, and finally a medium sweat and medium terror.

Nonsensical. Our Girl asking me about what shirt I'd worn before. Anyone who knows her or me know she wouldn't have bothered to ask me since I rarely paid any attention to what I wore.

But the terrors are so vivid and colorful, you could almost beleive it happened.

Maybe in a parrallel universe?

That's is. It's those universes letting me peak into see what what have been.

No wonder my relatives are all nuts. This would drive me crazy too. If I let it.



Saturday, May 4, 2013

REPORT: 2013-05MAY-04 Real bad one tonight

This one was fascinating.

About 0130, awoke in a medium size sweat with no specific memory. Was able to get back to sleep in what feels like short order.

About 0325, awoke in a heave soaking sweat. Had to change the tshirt! The sheets weren't damp, but the pillow was just slightly.

The dream was vivid. I was waiting on the Southbound side of Route 1 at old Major / Sand Hill Road -- before McD's and BK --  for a bus to take me the NYC. I was in a phone booth trying to use Siri to create the refernces for a DR glossary. I knew the bus was never coming. So I called Tyne to have Evy come get me. While waiting, I realized she would be looking for me on the Northbound side, so I called back to no answer. While walking to the other side, her Sister stopped to pick me up. I asked if she'd seen Ev. "No". As we were talking Ev walked up the southbound side. She told us that she had driven the Caddie into a flooded jughandle at Henderson Road and left it there. ... ...

Then I woke up shaking with fear.

The whole thing is so absurd.

The buses don't run on Route 1. Phone booth with Siri? And there's no jughandle to go south from Henderson Road on Route 1.

So it's obviously wrong. And, in my dream I know it's all wrong.

Yet, it scares the you know what out of me and prevents going back to sleep.

I'm hoping that by blogging this, I can forget it. And, maybe someone won't think they are going nuts.


Monday, March 11, 2013

REPORT: Monday 2013-01MAR-11

Went to bed early after a boring Sunday.

Had a glass of red wine. (Need to buy more wine glasses!)

Woke up at about 0200 with a sweat; changed shirt and pillow.

Woke up at about 0400 with a sweat and a terror. Hard time going back to sleep. Changed shirt. Soaked. Listend to the "rain" app.

Up at 6 with the alarm but "cold".

Got up about 0730.

Work at 0830.

Vibrant dreams that were nosensical. I've never been hurt in an accident. Never had such with Ev.

I can see why these drove my parents nuts. At least, this ends with me.