Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015-Apr-25 fitbit sleep

Unreliable. Went to bed late last night. It says I was sleeping at dinner. Argh.

Went to bed after 1:08 AM.

Was actually dancing at the AL401 before that.

So AT BEST unreliable. AT WORST, just wrong.

Unless I am missing something?

— 30 —

When I went back to the iphone app the data had changed?

This is "more correct". I don't understand what happened?

— 30 —


It was showing me YESTERDAY's data.

Around the time I discovered that, Jacki concluded that iphone needed to sync with the fitbit.

My response was: "PIA its been near the iPhone all night. And now it decides to sync? ARGH!"

Mystery solved.

Now I need to ensure it syncs before wasting a half hour checking the data for reasonability.


— 30 —

(Worrying about the accuracy of everything. Not really worrying; more interested in how accurate these numbers are.)

went once around the block fiber says 25 min 2.8k steps 1.4 mi. iPhone human app says 26 min 0.9 mi. iPhone moves app says 26 min 1.0 mile.  So time agrees but distance does not. I didn’t turn on the GPS function. Wonder why they are so different?

— 30 —

Friday, April 24, 2015

2015-Apr-24 fitbit sleep

Not sure it captures all the awakes. Have to develop away to confirm. Hmmm?

Slight sweating.

Strange dreams that make no sense.

— 30 —

Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015-Apr-23 fitbit sleep

No sweats, but 5 vivid dreams -- drowning save, relatives, sniper, and 2 I don't remember.


— 30 —